I have seen the Noel Gallagher comments on the city of Brussels and how boring it is and I have a few words to say on the topic.

If you haven't heard it already, here's the story in all its "Morning Glory"

I'm very sure that Noel Gallagher "doesn't give a fuck" about what I have to say - let's face it - "doesn't give a fuck" is an image that he and his brother have lived off the back of for the past 20 years and more, so why should he start now?

Before I go any further, I LOVE Oasis. I'm 42 years of age - we practically grew up together. I've been lucky enough to watch them live 4 times (twice in Brussels, ironically) and still love to listen to their music, on occasion. Their music will live on through the ages, although not in the same way as The Beatles which, as we all know, will always be something that will stick in their throats.

What relevance does Noel Gallagher have in the world, these days? Apparently only in his own head - and, sadly, in some caricature version of his former self, it seems.

First off - in their pomp, the Gallagher brothers were the very epitome of arrogant rock stars. It's what they did when they were 'great.' Their arrogance was part of the image and it was something that - I have to admit - I bought into. How I would have loved to have been part of that band! The swagger, the epic tunes, the rock-star lifestyle, the "couldn't give a fuck" lifestyle. What's not to love?

But now, now that they're not so great and with no music to back them up, we're reduced to a middle-aged cliched version of themselves - the typical Arrogant Islander.

As an Irish man that spent more 7 very happy years living in Antwerp, I guess my opinion (for what it's worth) come from an Arrogant Islander too but, please let me explain...

Let's face it - us Arrogant Islanders, being Island Nations on the cusp of Europe have this misconception about Europe being "over there," never mind our opinion about Belgium and its 'Boringness'

Multiply both Gallaghers' arrogance with our own ingrained opinions about Europe - and Belgium in particular - and this is the kind of crap that you read from REALLY Arrogant Islanders.

It is only when you actually live in ANY country for a time that you get a proper feel for the place.

When I first moved to Belgium, through work - I mean, come on - no-one would actually 'choose' to live in a country that was soooooo boring! ;-), I had no idea what to expect. My company initially sent me there for 4 weeks. I chose to live there for 7 years because I loved the place.

Whilst living there, I started a blog with the IRONIC title

In that blog I spent many hours during my time in Belgium documenting great times that I spent in that wonderful country and trying, in my own way, to dispel the Arrogant Islander's opinion that Belgium was boring when, in actual fact, it is very fucking far from that.

Perhaps Noel needs to read it. Or perhaps he saw the website title and made his own mind up, without reading what I had to say about the place. Maybe it's my fault??!

Suffice to say, I loved my life in Belgium, still love the country and some of my fondest memories are from my time spent there.

Even though I have lived in Australia for the past 8 years, I count myself lucky to have been able to get back there twice since leaving.

Belgiƫ, Ik hou van jou!!

Fuck Noel.