God's Own Country

I’ve just returned from a few days back home in Northern Ireland and I would just like to share the following with you:

Northern Ireland is the most fantastic place on the planet.

Of course I’m fiercely proud of where I come from.

Of course I may be somewhat biased in my observation.

Of course I may be suitably PUMPED having spent some time in the loving bosom of friends and family.

But what I am most definitely not is totally blinded by my love of my roots. I am merely stating fact – Northern Ireland is a fantastic wee country.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to invite people over to see where I come from and even more fortunate that they have accepted the invitation. I mean, after all, based on the world’s media coverage, my wee country has been demonised at every opportunity thanks to the shocking events of the past 35 years and the media’s thinking that “Good News is No News.”

Thankfully, however, people have managed to see beyond that, trusted me and gone over and seen first-hand for themselves the wee country that is my home. And over the years none of them, and I mean none of them, have been disappointed with their experiences.

Why would this be? Why have people come over to Northern Ireland and left the place suitably impressed by what they’ve seen?

Get yer arses over there and find out for yourselves!!

But to help you, here are a few pointers:

The Northern Irish hospitality is second to none

It is quite simply one of the most scenic places on the planet

It’s cheaper than Dublin.

It’s a more authentic “Irish” experience than the tourist-chasing Republic of Ireland. You only have to see some of our famous landmarks and the understated way that they are dealt with to see what I mean by this.

It has some of the finest beaches in the British Isles.

The Antrim Coast Road is a spectacular drive and repeatedly appears on top 10 drives in the world lists.

We’re fantastic story tellers (although this blog might not prove that)

And last but not least…


Shove that up yer “authentic, traditional, blackthorn leprechaun’s pipe” and smoke it!!



Jenny Okanagan said…
I must agree with the BIB-master on this one. I've been to Norn Iron several times and discovered for myself just how lovely the land and the people really are. It's a wee country with a great big heart.