A not-so-frustrated writer writes...

Hello again Readers,

Some good news I would like to share because without you lot, there would be none to share and for that I thank you all. Each and everyone of you beautiful people. THANKS!

The Belgium Is Boring Blog is discussed on national radio!!

On a recent trip home, I discovered that this, My Little Corner of Cyberspace, was discussed on a recent phone-in on national radio back in Northern Ireland.

According to a friend, the discussion revolved around my home town of Ballyclare and more specifically, the week-long Mayfair festival that takes place there every year, a topic that I wrote about on a previous blog:


It seems some woman was on the radio and was being asked about the festival and what exactly the people of Ballyclare got up to during the festivities. At one point in the conversation, she said (and I’m paraphrasing here) “If you want to know some more about Ballyclare, there is some nutcase living in Belgium who writes about Belgium and Ballyclare all the time on his website”

Ladies and Gentlemen, that “nutcase” (and seemingly that was the word she used) is none other than I, your Humble Scribe.

Now, I imagine that being referred to as a nutcase on national radio may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I can assure that I have rarely been so happy. Like it or hate it, I do spend a lot of my free time on writing on this website. Yes I know, I should cut down on the (Belgian) waffling and it is something that I’m trying to do. An editor would go through my writing and take out whole paragraphs of writing and I would still get the point across. So, thanks folks for persevering with me as I try and reduce the amount of waffle on the blog.

No more football-related writing on this blog!! Probably.

A few days ago, I applied for something akin to a dream job for me and guess what folks? I got it!

The job in question? Writing for a Liverpool FC-related website!!

I’ll be adding articles on a regular basis and based on the popularity of it, the more work I can hope to be doing for them, so feel free to check out my musings at:


Your support would be appreciated!

The Belgium Is Boring blog continues to increase in popularity!

Recently I installed a site meter report on this website – just to see if anyone out there actually reads the damn thing – and I’m glad to report that you do!! Site visits are on the increase, as is blog membership and the geographical location from where you guys are logging on never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks for all your support and for providing me with the motivation that I need to continue with this nonsense.

I hope you think it all as worthwhile as I do.

Give yourselves a big hug and wet, sloppy kiss from me.



Jenny Okanagan said…
Congratulations. BIB-master!
"From a tiny acorn the mighty oak grows." Cheesy but true!