Mayday! Mayday!

Good afternoon People,

Is there anything finer than the sun shining on a Friday afternoon of a bank holiday weekend?

Well, yes actually there is…..

The sun shining ALL Bank Holiday weekend – for example but this is Belgium and there are two hopes of that happening - no hope and Bob Hope.

Still, we make do with what we can. So what have we all planned for the upcoming days? Anything exciting to get you foaming at the mouth, nervously watching the clock roll maddeningly slowly to going home time?

As this is more or less a one way street of communication (you really are quite shy aren't you?) I'll have to share my plans with you.

Having lived the life of a monk for the best part of….oh….4 days, I'm back and raring to go.
Off to Belgium's own little piece of Ireland, Geel, tonight to party with the simple folk.

For those not in the know:
(taken from Wikipedia)

Geel (English: Gheel) is a
municipality located in the Belgian province of Antwerp. The municipality comprises only the city of Gheel proper. On January 1, 2005 Gheel had a total population of 34,758. The total area is 109.85 km² which gives a population density of 316.41 inhabitants per km². Gheel is also associated with the Irish Saint Dymphna and a colony for the mentally ill.

There was a rise of asylums during the Renaissance period. Across Europe religious shrines were popping up and being devoted to the humane and loving treatment of people with mental disorders. The best known of these shrines was established centuries earlier at Gheel. Beginning in the fifteenth century, people came to it from all over the world for psychic healing. Local residents welcomed these pilgrims into their homes, and many stayed on to form the world's first "colony" of mental patients. Gheel was the forerunner of today's community mental health programs and it continues to demonstrate that people with psychological disorders can respond to loving care and respectful, moral treatment. Today patients are still welcome to live in foster homes in this town, interacting with other residents, until they recover.

Yes quite...

Depending on if I get lucky tonight, I'll spend the night, in which case I suppose I'll probably be coming back this evening....

The rest of the weekend is dominated by beer and football. What else?

I'm a lovely fella, with a lovely personality, but the woman that makes me her husband will have to understand that I have a wee passion for my football.

Nothing wrong with that - I've got plenty of passion is this body to share around.

Have a good long weekend folks!