I can't get no sleep!

Well folks,

It’s been a while and for that I can only apologise. I seem to recall that “I must write more and I must write shorter blogs” being one of my more noble New Year’s resolutions, less than two short months ago.

It would now seem that it can be tossed in the battered and overflowing dustbin labelled “My Well-Meaning Intentions” with all the others.


So what’s been going on in Belgium then, eh? Bribery and corruption in the football, some dubious Euthanasia cases, hunger strikes, protests over cartoons, bird flu on it’s way, all with the wonderful bitter cold, wet back drop that February in Belgium affords us.

Not for the first time I think to myself – "why oh why couldn’t I have taken a job in sunnier climes?" Dear God it makes you wanna just stay in bed all day.

Which I would if I could.

I do believe I could sleep for Northern Ireland and be captain of the team. If sleeping was an Olympic sport I’d be the Sir Steven Redgrave of it, if I could earn money by sleeping I’d be a million….anyway, I think you get the picture.

Although, here’s a thing - a paradox if you will.

Much as I enjoy my talent of sleeping, I’m not doing so good at it of late. Indeed, I’ve been letting my talent go to waste. For me, during the last few weeks, sleep has been a precious commodity indeed.

So what is it that is keeping me from the castle, the stronghold that is my bed and the glorious safe haven of sleep that it promises these days?

A hectic social calendar?

Numerous sex-crazed nymphomaniacs all begging for me to pleasure them?

All night hedonistic rock and roll parties?

Err, no – not quite.

The reason, in fact, is a lot tamer and not very rock and roll at all.

It’s because, for the past few months, I have been embroiled in an epic tale of good versus evil, strong characters and scenarios that scream out of the pages, ensuring total immersion in a world full of gunslingers, wayward priests, robots, vampires, magic, mystery, battles.

When I come to think of it, there is little that Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Series doesn’t have in its storyline.

A good-old fashioned rip-roaring read.

And no, I’m not on any commission.


Jenny Okanagan said…
Hello Bibmaster!? Anyone home? You know what they say...writers write. So get busy. We're not looking for War and Peace here. Just a few lines of text will do.