Lord of The Ring

Just a quickie.

Two years of bloody road-works on the ring of Antwerp and still the traffic going into the Kennedy tunnel is as bad as it ever was. I contemplate this as I am about to leave the office and join the thousands of cars trying to get through what has to be one of the most congested tunnels in the world.

Not since the days of Charles Bronson squeezing his fat arse through freshly dug escape tunnels in The Great Eascape have I seen congestion like it.

And don’t even get me started about the road-works IN Antwerp. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Each morning as I drive out of the city, I make a silent prayer to the saint of lost causes (Alex McCleish) in the hope that I’ll find my way out onto The Ring.

Honest to God – it’s like some magical mystery tour.

I’m all for a city developing and growing and improving its traffic system but come on guys! Somebody must be having a laugh out there!

Changing one way streets into two-way streets overnight, creating dead end streets at the drop of a hat, changing the direction of one way streets to the opposite direction without warning and then sending you down streets following diversion signs, only to find that at some point they just decided to stop providing signs anymore, turning the whole escapade into some sort of a sick, twisted version Treasure Hunt.

Bring back Anneka Rice’s pert buttocks.

All is forgiven.