When the heart rules the head

After the flurry of activity on this wee corner of cyberspace that was initiated as a result of the fortunes of the marvelous, nay heroic actions of Liverpool FC, I have had to put myself into a darkened corner and revive myself and refresh my totally and utterly spent reservoir of adrenaline.

OK – perhaps not but it’s not that far from the truth.

A combination of work and being on the lash a bit over recent days – never a good combination - ensured that I didn’t have much time for sharing my thoughts with you.

I’m sure you survived (no really, I’m sure you did) but I now feel the need to feed the flames of our formative relationships with a few more thoughts and observations – after all - I gotta keep you guys interested and with the number of people registering with the site increasing on a – oh I dunno – one per week basis, the pressure most definitely is on.

Over a week after THAT football match and the rollercoaster ride is finally coming to a stop.

Except – like all good rollercoaster rides, this one had a twist right at the end that I didn’t see coming which I feel the need to share with you all.

At the start of the season, like most football supporting people, I followed my heart instead of my head and placed a few bets on my team to win a few things. I have an online account with www.bluseq.com (I should be on commission really, for mentioning them) and I placed 2 bets – one that our new signing Djibril Cisse would be the leading goal scorer and that we would win the Premier League.

Cisse broke his leg after scoring three goals for us and was out for over half of the season. Liverpool finished 5th and 37 points behind the champions Chelski.

So much for betting with your heart.

Indeed, the only bet that I didn’t throw money on was the impossibility of winning club football’s greatest prize.

Except – that’s not true.

I just logged onto my account today and discovered the following:

Event info:Champions League 2004-2005Champions League 19:48 25/05/2005
Market:Outright - Win or Each-Way 1/2 1,2 Selection:Liverpool @ 25/1
Win To Win

Receipt No:O/0412385/0000065
Placed At:07:05 27/08/2004
Bet Type:Single
Stake per line:EUR 5.00
Number of lines:1
Stake:EUR 5.00
Number of win lines:1
Number of void lines:0
Returns:EUR 130.00
Refund:EUR 0.00
Settle info:

It seems that as well as betting on Cisse to be leading goal scorer in the Premiership and Liverpool to win the Premier league, I did also have the faith on the 27th August 2004 to put my money where my mouth is. Only 5 euros, but it changed into a much healthier 130 Euros thanks to my foresight.

Now – I’m gonna place it place it all on Motivator for tomorrow's Derby on a double with Stevie Gerrard to stay at Liverpool.

Now – with the weekend almost upon us, I say go forth and talk codshit to strangers.

I know I will…

This blog entry was brought to you whilst listening to the Late, Great Johnny Cash doing his covering version of Nine Inch Nail’s song “Hurt”