The Day of the Big Game!!

Just bloody typical!

It’s the day of the big game – Liverpool v AC Milan in the European Champions League final - and I feel like shit.

20 long, lonely years in a football wilderness I’ve had to wait for this night to come and my reward is to be laid up with a nasty head cold - my throat is sore, my nose is like a broken water main, my head hurts and I’m coughing and spluttering like an old Volkswagen Beetle on a cold winter’s morning.

The first signs of the cold’s imminent arrival occurred on the Sunday evening.

Since then I have tried everything to get rid of it. Early nights in bed, I’ve tried to feed the cold, I’ve tried to sweat it out of me, I’ve popped paracetemol and hot whiskeys, but still to no avail – it’s as bad now at Wednesday lunchtime as it was on Monday morning.

At work, I’ve soldiered on like the trooper that I am but I have to admit that this is more to do with the fact that I am worried about my ability to make it in to work on time tomorrow morning after tonight’s game – especially if we win. Who knows? Perhaps the cold might take a turn for the worse overnight!

To say I’m excited about tonight’s game is an understatement. I was 12 years of age the last time we played in this final, and unfortunately it will be forever remembered by the tragedy that unfolded that night at the Heysel stadium here in Belgium, where 39 people lost their lives.

Let’s hope that tonight’s game will be remembered for a wonderful game of football.

Ach fuck it – who am I trying to kid?! Let’s hope tonight is remembered for a Liverpool win – how we manage it, I really couldn’t give a shit. We’re massive underdogs and rightly so - but a win tonight could happen and one thing’s for sure – head cold or no head cold – I’ll be cheering them all the way!!


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To the non-football fan, I do apologise for the emphasis on football for the past few blog entries. You’ll be glad to hear that tonight’s game marks the end of my season, so the football interest will die down for a couple of months, while I try and fill the void, left by its absence with something else.

Like finding a girlfriend, for example…

Not that I’d share that with you, no matter how discerning you think you may be.

Ah, OK – sure why not? I’ve created this monster, I might as well run with it…