Procrastination - the curse of the blogger

OK Folks,

It's taken me quite some time to add to this blog and for that I can only apologise.

The problem is that once it was all set up, I got quite intimidated at the prospect of trying to create something that people would find (a) interesting and (b) encourage them to take part and add to this fledgling part of cyberspace.

But I have seen the light and the light was shining at the bottom of a bottle of a fine Chilean red wine and I am now at ease with myself and my blog, which through time, I would hope will become our blog.

So armed with a bit of Dutch courage, all be it of a South American origin, I shall endeavour to pick up the pieces of a broken blog and bring it kicking and screaming back from the brink, phoenix style.

Instead of trying to dispense great pearls of wisdom, I shall write whatever comes into my mind. Yes it may be trivial, indeed it may also be boring although heaven forbid that that should happen - my website becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of itself. I'm sure there's a moral in there somewhere.

You may have noticed by the date and time stamp on this post that, it has been written on a Friday evening. “Dear God!” I hear you all scream - Belgium really must be boring if the poor guy is sat in his compact but bijou apartment all on his own writing this crap. But au contraire, Dear Reader, far from it and this is what this little bit of cyberspace will hopefully help dispel.

I am of course just about to head out into the Antwerp night with beautiful chick in tow.

This blog was brought to you in association with Pink Floyd - "Wish you were here"