The Life and Times of Being a Minger Magnet

It is my intention that this little corner of cyberspace that I reside in will evolve and grow as we get more familiar with each other. I am quite alien to the concept of keeping a journal for myself, never mind for the more discerning internet surfer out there.

The fact that you are here reading these words, is already a comfort to me. It is reassuring to know that in this crazy place we call planet earth there are other people who share my interests

Today’s topic – Mingers. Or more importantly, my ability to attract them. Don’t get me wrong. Ugly people could (and should) find love as well but at the risk of sounding facetious and arrogant - I’m not really in the market for an ugly person just yet.

Sure of course this may change as loneliness and desperation set in but in the meantime, I’m just happy being my own person again and doing what I want and when I want. OK - granted that’s not much different compared with when I was in a relationship. “Ahhaaaaa!!!” I hear you crying out loud at your monitors, “that’s your problem BIBMaster – that’s why you find yourself emotionally scarred as you so obviously are, stumbling through the scattered landscape of broken hearts and shattered dreams!”.

But why say that? Why shouldn’t I be able to do what I want? (within reason of course). I am quite happy with my Mrs. Right doing what she wants just so long as our paths cross every now and then and we acknowledge each other’s existence from time to time and we’re not hurting each other, I see no harm in it.

I feel the need to back up this with an example. For instance – if I would like to go to the pub and watch some football with my mates on a Wet Wednesday in November – is that really such a crime? If Mrs. Right would want to go out with her mates to, let’s say for argument’s sake to shop I certainly wouldn’t stand in the way. I’m a man of the 21st century. I believe that Mrs. Right should be entitled to enjoy and pursue her interests without fear of recrimination from me, the loving Mr. Right.

Surely this is how it should be? Am I really that wrong?

But getting back to the original topic – Mingers need not apply.