Getting back to the topic in hand

OK – in the last couple of blogs I have strayed slightly from the original topic. I felt the need to do that in order to share with you the stage I am at in my life. A brief recap for those at the back:
I am from Ireland
I am 32 years young
I am living in Belgium
I am obviously trying my best to come to terms with the fact that I am in my early thirties and am still single. God I feel like the male equivalent to a character from Sex and The City…you know the one – the one that wears the weird clothes and one that writes even weirder articles

So having laid these foundations I feel that is more than time to get back to the matter in hand:

Belgium Is Boring

Let’s debate this matter further…..or rather let me write what I think on the matter and you out there, the Discerning Surfer, can respond with your own thoughts.


Jenny Okanagan said…
Right-o my dear BIBBY,

So how does one go about finding the elusive and hopefully lucid Miss Right?

Does one get absolutely bladdered at the same old local pub (no offense - we love it!) snog a minger, a mate or a drunken tourist who is probably on a wild hen/stag night, a last illicit fling before she/he settles down with the father/mother of one or more of her/his children? (Bit bulky, wsn't that?)

Btw the above situations are hypothetical models only and not meant to be associated with actual persons or events. Any sense of familiarity these situations may evoke is purely.... oh crap, we all know that most people have been there, haven't they?

My question is - how does it usually work out in the long run?

Are we "looking for love in all the wrong places"? And where exactly are these hypothetical "right places"? Do they even exist?

Ponder away, BIBBY-darling!
Bye for now.