The Belgium is Boring Blog is Born!

Welcome to our Website!!

Belgium Is Boring (BIB) is a collection of endless rants from an obviously frustrated ex-pat, who has spent too many of the best years of his still young life living in that hotbed of bureaucracy - Belgium - or the 'Belly of the Beast' as we here at BIB like to think of it.

This person, who shall be forever known as The BIB-Master, in order to protect the guilty, will inform you - the waifs and strays of Cyberworld that have stumbled across this darkest corner of cyberspace, of the trials and tribulations of living as an ex-pat in the second largest city of Belgium, and diamond capital of the world - Antwerp.

Now whilst there are loads of ex-pat websites out there concerned with Brussels, and all the nonsense that goes on in that 'shitty'; it may come as a surprise to you Dearest Surfer that there is actually more to Belgium than a city full of civil servants doing bugger all to 'earn' their tax-payers provided salaries.

Granted there is not a lot more, but the BIB Masters would like to set the record straight - Just because Brussels is shit, doesn't mean that the rest of the country is as well.

Actually - a lot of it is, but we'll try not to dwell on that too much.

Updated on a totally sporadic nature depending on how pissed off our poor Belgian correspondent is, this website provides a therapeutical soundboard for our hapless reporter. Not to mention avoiding the high cost of psychiatric help that would otherwise be required.

So tune in regularly and please feel free to contact the BIB-Master with your own stories and contributions. He's obviously quite lonely and would love to hear from you...